Unsolicited Grants Program

The Unsolicited Grants Program allows the Center to become aware of, and fund, new and innovative projects and research that further the Center priorities of access, affordability and the value of legal education.

Please read the complete unsolicited grant application policy.

Program Requirements

To be considered for funding, a proposal must seek to improve directly, or, in the case of research-oriented proposals, develop data, facts or conclusions that further the understanding of:

  • Enhancing access to legal education for students from diverse backgrounds;
  • Increasing the affordability and financing options for students pursuing legal education; and,
  • Expanding the value and relevance of legal education.

The Center accepts and reviews applications for the unsolicited grants on the following schedule:

For letters of inquiry received

Notification date for Access Group decision to request full proposal

Deadline for completed application materials for invited full proposals Expected funding decision
Between January 1 and January 31 Prior to March 31 April 30 Prior to July 31 
Between July 1 and July 31 Prior to September 30 October 31 Prior to January 31