Contact Your Loan Servicer

Your loan servicer is your primary point of contact for questions about your loan account. They have full access to your account details and can help resolve issues.

Federal and private loans held by Access Group are serviced by Conduent Education Services.
If you have a private or federal loan that is current, and have an inquiry or wish to make a payment, you can contact them here:

Or, if you have a question about any loan type or status, please call the corresponding number below:

Current Private Loan Servicing 800-508-0806
All Federal Loan Servicing 800-835-4611
Both Private and Federal Loan Servicing 800-508-0806
Private Loans that are 16 to 179 days past due 855-321-3938
Private Loans that have defaulted (180 days +) and have been assigned to a collection agency Loan Recovery Team:
Private Loans that have been defaulted (180 days +) and are being serviced by Access Group Education Lending Loan Recovery Team: