Federal Student Loans: Repayment 101

Selecting the repayment plan that meets your needs requires the right strategy. We help you create your strategy, explain the different federal repayment plans, discuss loan consolidation and more. 

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Financing Your Legal Education

The choice to pursue a legal education is significant. This guide helps you to understand the cost of law school and how to pay for it. 

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Information Sheets

Bar Costs: What Does Federal Aid Cover?

Federal Income-driven Repayment Plans

Federal Loan Prepayment

Federal Loan Repayment Plan Summary

Federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) or en Español

Grants and Scholarships: What to Ask Your School

Summary of Common Federal Education Tax Benefits or en Español

The Real Cost of a Latte

2015–2016 Federal Student Loan Interest Rates

2014–2015 Federal Student Loan Interest Rates

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