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Financing Your Education

Financing Your Education

Financial aid comes in many forms and from different sources. Understanding what resources are available to you is the first step in deciding how you will pay for your education. Similar to preparing for your undergraduate degree, you need to look first to your own financial resources.

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Remember, the more you can contribute up front to pay for your education, the less you will have to borrow and then repay. 

Use your personal resources

Your personal savings and gifts from others will help reduce the amount you may need to borrow in order to fulfill your dream of a professional or graduate degree.

Most students will not have the personal resources to cover the full cost of attendance for the entire program, but any reduction in what you will borrow will have a positive impact on your future financial circumstances.

Other options for paying for school

Before you can determine how you are going to pay for your education, you need to know what options are available:

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As we begin to talk about loans and other financial aid options, it’s a good time to remind you that some options will require a credit check. Be sure to check your credit report at—the only source for your free credit report as authorized by Federal law.

Calculate your borrowing needs.

Use our loan calculator to see how much you may need to borrow.

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