About Us

Access Group is a nonprofit, mission-driven, membership organization

Service to our member schools, students, graduates and administrators is at the core of our activities.

A Mission-driven Nonprofit Organization

Access Group has continually evolved to meet the ever-changing challenges and needs of our member law schools, and the graduate and professional school community at large. From providing financial education resources and services for students and schools, to supporting research programs and data collection, to driving policy advocacy, we work to promote broad access, affordability and the value of legal education specifically, and graduate and professional education more broadly.

Who We Are

Founded in 1983, Access Group is a nonprofit membership organization comprised of 199 nonprofit and state-affiliated ABA-approved law schools. Access Group works to further access, affordability and the value of legal education through research, policy advocacy, and direct member and student educational services.

During the course of our 30+ year existence, we became a leading provider of affordable student loans for aspiring professionals in law, medicine, dentistry, health, business, and other disciplines. As such, we served as a national originator, holder and servicer of federally guaranteed and private, credit-based loans, funding more than $18 billion of education loans since 2001.

In recent years, we have focused on our member services activities, financial education and resources, research and advocacy functions.

What We Do

Member Services
Service to member schools, students, graduates and administrators is a core of our activities. Through campus-based partnership and support, information sharing, research and analysis, policy advocacy, Need Access®, and the Financial Education Advisory Committee among numerous other efforts, we continue to serve our member schools, their students, and graduate and professional education. 

Financial Education and Resources
In coordination with financial aid administrators, we provide group and one-on-one repayment counseling sessions on campuses around the country. These sessions, along with a slate of WiseBorrower® financial education publications and resources, deliver accurate and timely repayment information to students to assist them in making informed decisions as they consider how best to meet their student loan obligations and plan for their future. 

Our research programs and data collection, both internally performed and externally commissioned, support policy advocacy by creating actionable data to inform our choices and by furthering the availability of data and knowledge about access, affordability and the value of legal education among our member schools and related organizations. 

Access Group advocacy efforts are shaped by our mission to further affordable access for law and other graduate and professional students. We are driven primarily by the desire for sustainable, long-term policy choices that benefit legal and other graduate and professional education, with students taking center stage in our analysis. 

Continuing for more than 25 years, the annual Access Group Graduate & Professional Financial Aid Conference provides exceptional professional development, outstanding speakers, essential financial aid training and technical updates, and networking opportunities for higher education professionals. Developed with input and support from graduate and professional school administrators from around the country, the conference is dedicated to the unique issues facing graduate and professional schools and students.