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Access Group No Longer Services Your Loans

Access Group no longer services student loans. This function has been transferred to an experienced student loan servicer.

You should have received a letter from your new servicer letting you know where to send payments and how to contact them with questions.

If you have Federal loans that were previously serviced by Access Group, your servicer is now ACS. If you are unsure who is servicing your loans, please visit nslds.ed.gov.

If you have private student loans, please review the list below to determine who is servicing your loans.

Owner Servicer
Access Group Private Loans ACS www.acs-education.com
PNC Private Loans AES www.aessuccess.org
ALPS First Associates www.1stassociates.com
PEAKS First Associates www.1stassociates.com
FAQS AES www.aessuccess.org