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Pending Securitizations

On this page, you’ll find preliminary offering memorandums for any pending transactions.

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Rule 17g-5 Information

On this page, you’ll find information related to Access Group’s most recent securitization.

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Audited Financial Statements & Presentations

Access Group’s audited financial statements. For more information, contact investors@accessgroup.org.

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Disclaimer Notice

Access Group, Inc. from time to time finances student loans made under its programs through the issuance of asset-backed notes. The asset-backed notes of each series are limited obligations of Access Group, Inc., or are obligations of special purpose subsidiaries, and are payable solely from the student loans and other assets pledged for their payment under the applicable indenture of trust relating to that series of notes. The asset-backed notes do not represent interests in or general obligations of, and are not guaranteed or insured by, Access Group, Inc. The asset-backed notes are described in Offering Memoranda that contain information about the terms and conditions of the asset-backed notes, the financial characteristics of the underlying student loan assets and other issuance details.

Access Group’s investor page provides certain financial reports and Offering Memoranda relating to its student loan asset-backed note issues. As a service to our investors, we are providing certain financial reports or Offering Memoranda, for informational purposes only. The availability of the Offering Memoranda is not to be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Except as specifically provided in the following pages, Access Group has not undertaken to update any information contained in the financial reports or the Offering Memoranda, and the availability of such documents does not create any implication that the information in the documents remains correct after its date or that there have been no changes in the financial condition or other circumstances described in such documents.