Grants and Scholarships

Grants and Scholarships

Typically referred to as “free” money, these options can be awarded based on merit, need or a combination of both. Be sure to check the school’s website and speak with the admissions and financial aid offices to find out more about availability and eligibility requirements.

Apply early

These funds are limited. If you are looking for grants and scholarships, you should apply early. In many cases, there will be a separate application process and separate deadlines from the Federal applications you may complete. Do your research early so you don’t miss your chance at these funding sources.

Your school may not be the only source of scholarship and grant aid for which you may be eligible. Your school financial aid office will likely have a list of other available financial aid opportunities or be able to advise you where to find such a list.

Helpful Tip
You should be sure to understand all the requirements and terms of accepting grants and scholarships.
Things to know about grants and scholarships

If you are awarded a grant or a scholarship, be sure to ask the following questions:

  1. Will it be renewed automatically every year? If so, will it be renewed for the same amount or will the amount be adjusted?
  2. If the amount is adjusted, what are the criteria for making the adjustments?
  3. If the award is not renewed automatically, can I reapply for this or another grant or scholarship next year?
  4. Will my academic performance affect the amount of my award in subsequent years?
  5. Does this grant or award have a service component?
  6. Are there any special application procedures or deadlines of which I need to be aware?