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Information for Financial Aid Administrators

Our borrower education series is about being there for students… even when they’re no longer students.

At Access Group, we’ve been focused on education financing for more than 25 years. As strong advocates of borrower education, our goal is to help your students make smart financial decisions that will continue to benefit them in the future.

Whether they’re just starting on their educational journey or have already graduated, the smart financial strategies they adopt now will be with them for a lifetime.

To get students started down the path to financial literacy and responsibility, we have created the WiseBorrower® Education Series, a comprehensive series, just for them.

Financing Your Education

A very user-friendly workbook that helps students understand how much their education will cost and how they can go about paying for it. Topics include how much students should borrow, how to get financial aid and how to remain “financially fit.”

Financing Your Legal Education

This workbook is similar to the “Financing Your Education” handbook, but with an obvious slant toward law students. Completing this book helps students determine the cost of their education and take steps toward paying for it.

Borrowing Wisely – A Reality Check

This booklet looks at the responsibilities that come with borrowing money and teaches students the value of borrowing as little as they need. It shows how borrowing can impact a student’s life long after they’ve graduated.

After You Graduate

This WiseBorrower® booklet guides students through the ins and outs of repaying student loans. Topics include picking the right repayment plans, creating a personal budget, knowing their rights and responsibilities as a borrower, and keeping financial records.

How to Get These Helpful Resources

Pieces are available for order in limited quantities. Please call 800-227-2151 and speak to an Account Executive.